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Are you a self-builder or homeowner who wants to maintain autonomy and personal involvement in the decision making, day to day management and creative side of your project, as well as being in control of your budget?

Are you looking for a different "route to build" from the normal route of the tendering process and then selecting and appointing a main contractor, who will then independently select and appoint their own sub-contractors and preferred suppliers, who they may then also earn money from, thereby potentially diminishing your budget.

Do you find the idea of self-building and personally managing your project both exciting and daunting?

Do you want to be hands on and get stuck into some of the on-site building works yourself, appointing your own preferred specialist contractors and individual trades as required?

Would having a highly experienced, practical and knowledgeable team member working alongside you, who has your priorities, interests, and goals as their own be of interest to you?

Does the idea of having someone you can consult with to sense check, advise, and help problem solve issues in a timely fashion without always having to resort to costly 3rd parties appeal?

If so, I may have the solution…

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